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Ofsted liked the approach and we were able to talk about mastery in PE through using your units


We have been Ofsted-ed since you came and PE was chose for a deep dive! We were really pleased with how it went... Ofsted liked the approach and we were able to talk about mastery in PE through using your units, so thank you for the help!... the feedback from teachers so far has been that the children have really enjoyed the activities!

Curriculums with short blocks of learning can be described as a mile wide and an inch thick...



Curriculums with short blocks of learning across multiple activities can be described as being ‘a mile wide and an inch thick’. This approach can mean that the curriculum lacks the depth of learning required for pupils to achieve success in a particular activity before moving on to the next.

We do not believe in providing teachers with generic schemes of work telling you what to teach 'week 1', what to teach on 'week 2'. It is impossible to predict what a child will have achieved, understood and demonstrated at any given point. What is right for your higher ability Y3 class, will not be right for the same class in a neighbouring school. 


So we provide an overview of the learning that may or may not happen dependent on YOUR class. We provide pointers on how to adapt for YOUR pupils regardless of age, development or Key Stage. 

No one class is the same. No pupil is the same. No scheme of work should be the same.

It is just like Jenga - If the foundations aren't in place but we continue to add more and more regardless of pupil progress; then the tower will collapse.

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