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Are you Looking for New, Innovative Ways to Teach PE?

  • Is it hard to challenge all the pupils within your lessons?
  • Are you finding it difficult to find a cost effective way to access PE CPD?
  • Are you looking for new innovative ways to teach PE?
  • Do you struggle to bring your practice from the classroom into the playground?

The Preparation for PE award can help you to understand the purpose of PE ...

... explore an Holistic approach to PE curriculum design, increase your knowledge of differentiation in PE ...

... and enable you to teach using engaging games.

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Who Are We?

Beyond the Physical are a team of expert PE professionals with extensive experience as class teachers and school leaders in Primary and Secondary schools throughout England.

Before establishing Beyond the Physical, the team were part of The FA’s Education Department based at the National Football Centre, St George’s Park.

Our work in Physical Education has been accredited by The Association for Physical Education’s Professional Development Board in recognition of the high quality of professional development that we provide.

We Believe ...

That all young people should have the opportunity to take part in Physical Education lessons that are focussed on their needs and motivations.

That Physical Education should be about more than simply playing a game, it should focus on developing all aspects of the young people in our care.

That transformative PE CPD should be easy and cost effective for all teaching staff.

Which is Why we Created ...

The Preparation for PE Award

The Preparation for PE Award is an online course ...

... designed to increase educators understanding and confidence levels to teach PE in Primary School.

The course will highlight the power of placing PE at the heart of your school.

Emphasising the wider impact on whole school progress and development.

The Award fits around you as a learner ...

Being completely online, you can login when it best suits you, with no time constraints to complete the course.

You gain a valuable Certification to enhance your CV

The course is certificated and approved by by the Association for Physical Education’s Professional Development board.

Suitable for all levels of experience

Whether experienced or just starting out this course will provide some real nuggets of information that will help you take your PE to the next level

Your pupils will be engaged and inspired from their PE experience!

You will be able to create a positive learning experience for all pupils who feel engaged and motivated by PE in your school!

The Course Consists of 5 Modules ...

1. Physical Education vs Physical Activity

The important difference between Physical Education and physical activity and why this is essential for a high quality programme!

Develop a deeper understanding of how to fully realise the potential of Physical Education and the benefits of having the subject at the heart of the school!

2. The Power of PE

What is the subject about? Why do we do it? What are we trying to achieve? What messages are we currently sending our young people about PE and PA?

A High Quality PE can have far reaching benefits on children, teachers and coaches!

3. Holistic Curriculum Development

Discover what the subject is REALLY about and the wider impact that PE can have in the across the school! 

Develop a deeper understanding of the holistic nature of the subject! How do we move beyond the physical?

4. Teaching and Learning

How to take the teaching and learning strategies you use in the classroom into a PE lesson in a playground or dining hall! How can we help improve outcomes in literacy and numeracy through High Quality PE delivery?

This module will help you develop strategies to engage all pupils, including the most reluctant!

5. Let us play

Games offer opportunities for engagement and enjoyment in PE but how do we make them inclusive, effective learning experiences? 

You will be able to effectively delivery games within lessons to create a positive learning environment!

By the end of the course you will have  ...

- a fresh perspective and appreciation for the Power of PE

- a more engaging and inspiring PE experience for your pupils

- Your school will be empowered to put PE at the heart of the curriculum!

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What Are Teachers Saying About the Course? 

" Refreshing! "

"A lot of the lessons I have been involved in have predominantly been teacher lead; it was refreshing to hear the rationale behind using strategies that give children greater independence and choice in the direction their PE lessons can take them"


Trainee Teacher

"Whether you're just starting out, or more experienced ... "

"Whether you are just starting our or more experienced like myself the PE award provides some real nuggets and tips that can help improve your PE delivery"

Baz Frankland

PE Lead

" Truly Motivated! "

"I left feeling truly motivated! I will be implementing the ideas to support my next lessons"

Lisa Howard

Trainee Teacher

" A Great Course! "

"I think this has been a great course and gives a great base for anyone and everyone in a primary school - will certainly be recommending"


School Sports Specialist

Check out these Bonuses - when you order today ...

Access to our private Preparation for PE forum to share ideas, learn from others and ask questions to support your practice.

A free pass into the Beyond the Physical Community - including a free short course every month, free samples of our units of learning and on-demand video content only available to members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

The course is 5 modules and each will take approximately 1 hour to complete, including the tasks.

You can do this at times to suit you, and will retain access to the course and members area.

Who is the course for?

The Preparation for PE Award is suitable for anyone delivering or supporting Physical Education in a school. 

This includes school leaders, subject leads, teachers, coaches, higher level teaching assistants, teaching assistants.

What we teach is accessible for those just getting starting teaching PE, and more experienced teachers who might want to refine their practise.

Is it a PASS/FAIL course?

You won't fail the course!

While there is a short test at the end with an 80% PASS rate, you can complete this as many times as required.

The Beyond the Physical team will also be active in the forums to answer any questions you have about applying what you learn in your school.

Can I do the course in my own time?

We have designed this course to be easily accessible wherever and whenever you need to learn from it.

Traditional teacher training is expensive and difficult to get agreed by school - requiring you to be out of the classroom while you learn.

The Preparation for PE Award is 100% online learning, accessible to you 24/7 .. and designed to fit around your busy classroom job.

Is it certified?

Yes. At the end of the course you will automatically be able to download the award certificate.

This can go into your teacher development folder - and enhance your CV for future job applications or advancement.

Get Instant Access to Preparation for PE Today

... and go Beyond the Physical!

At Beyond the Physical we believe in the Power of PE to help transform young people’s lives.

We also feel passionately that High Quality CPD is a key vehicle to achieving this goal! 

We hope you enjoy the Award.

Kind Regards,

The Beyond the Physical Team

Paul Quinn

Steve Waide

Mark Carter

Ben Merry

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