Primary PE Scheme of Work

A transformative, physical literacy informed and mastery-based PE curriculum.

'Physical education is in crisis because the dominant practice of physical education as 'sports techniques' is resistant to change' (Kirk, 2015)

PE is more than just the physical... maximise pupil engagement with our holistic ethos!

It is time to change PE for the better and we at Beyond the Physical are committed to creating a flexible, innovative and engaging scheme of work to totally transform Physical Education in your setting.

Our unique, Power of Three base approach allows for deeper learning and mastery of the fundamental skills needed to be able to be successful within any physical activity.

Evidence based and research informed to ensure maximum impact in your setting

Mastery-based approach to learning to ensure there is genuine depth to pupil learning

Informed by the principles of physical literacy and ensuring a life-long love of movement for our children

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The benefits...

Full Curriculum coverage

Our content covers all elements of the National Curriculum for PE including games, gymnastics, dance & OAA. All our content indicates which strand of the curriculum your pupils will be working towards.

all your planning

The scheme of work includes whole school long term plans as well as planning for each year group. You can adopt these or you have the flexibility to select which units work best for you.

lesson videos

All our units of work are supported by our lesson videos. Authentic videos; with full classes; in settings just like yours. These are central to allowing the pupils ownership of their learning.


We have a simple and impactful assessment sheet for each unit which is supported by our tracker which allows you to record assessment decisions and monitor the progress of all your pupils.

We have been Ofsted-ed since you came and PE was chose for a deep dive! We were really pleased with how it went... Ofsted liked the approach and we were able to talk about mastery in PE through using your units, so thank you for the help!... the feedback from teachers so far has been that the children have really enjoyed the activities!


For us it is the inclusivity that stands out. We have high numbers of SEN pupils and in many cases PE is now the only subject all the pupils in a class can access. It is virtually impossible to identify SEN pupils within lessons because every child has an access point to the lesson and can stretch and challenge themselves from there.


The scheme of work has totally transformed PE in our school. Our curriculum was dated and uninspiring. The sport based approach was actively disengaging our pupils. The opportunities for pupil ownership are endless and subsequently we have pupils who are at the centre of their learning and fully engaged in their PE lessons.


What's Included in your scheme of work package

Whole School PE CPD
Whole Staff Training

We deliver a training session to all your staff to support you with embedding this new approach within your schools.

High quality PE lesson
Personalised Page

You will have a fully personalised, exclusive and safe platform where you can add areas such as shared areas for any additional content you may have.

PE scheme of work
Partner School Discounts

As a partner school you will receive discounts on our range of PE support options. This includes CPD courses, PE consultancy and PE delivery within your school.  

Hi, I'm Steve...

I am one of the co-founders of Beyond the Physical. Our journey was inspired by the hundreds of Primary Schools we have visited throughout our careers in education. Was what we were delivering in the best interests of our pupils? Was there a better way? After seven years of research we think there is and we are incredibly proud of the impact our scheme is having. The approach forms the basis of my Doctorate studies and we will continue to adapt and innovate to ensure the best possible experience for pupils across the world. We want pupils to love movement. Do you? If so why not trial our scheme in your setting? You won't be disappointed!


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Customers served! 1 OVER 30,000 PUPILS LOVING PE

Trial our PE scheme for 14 days...

Pricing options

One year subscription

- Twelve months access 

- Staff training

- Personalised Page

- Access to On Demand CPD


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From 1st August

Three year subscription


- Subscribe for three years and receive the a huge 50% discount on your third year!

What Are You Waiting For? 

Join the revolution to transform Physical Education for the better!



The scheme includes all lesson plans as well as year group and whole school long term plans. We also have our learning sequence document which outlines the journey across the key stages plus each unit has a learning journey document.


Mastery-based learning approaches aim to ensure that all pupils have mastered key concepts before moving on to the next topic. This is contrast to traditional teaching methods in which pupils may be left behind.
(Education Endowment Fund, 2021). Subjects such as English and mathematics have used mastery-based approaches. Teaching addition isn’t delivered in one term and never explored again until the following academic year, why should PE be any different?


- Carefully sequencing topics so that they gradually build on foundational knowledge
- Flexibility for teachers on how long they spend on any particular topic
- Additional support for pupils that struggle to master topic areas
- Learning is revisited at regular intervals

will you provide training for our staff?

Yes! We will provide a one hour training session (generally online) at a time and date that suits you and your staff.


Our expert team of PE Specialists offer a range of subject support including:

- Advising PE Leads and schools on provision

- Providing teacher support through lesson modelling and team teaching

- Delivering PE lessons within your school through our team of PE teachers

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our team and we will help you with the initial implementation or give you a swift refund.