We offer a range of courses to suit all learners. Ranging from our fantastic free courses on our members area, to nationally recognised qualifications in PE Specialism & PE Leadership. Have a look below at which course could be the next step in your PE journey!

Beyond the Physical Preparation for PE Award (Primary)


This award has been especially designed by the BtP team as a comprehensive and concise programme of learning for experienced teachers, PE Leads, trainee teachers and coaches who deliver or are preparing to deliver PE in schools. We focus on the following modules in the primary award: Exploring the purpose of PE in school; Understanding the PE National Curriculum; Adapting activities and using assessment for learning in PE; and learning to teach through games. This course is an essential for improving primary PE delivery!

Secondary School PE Award - coming soon!




SL/afPE Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism

The aim of these qualifications is to upskill primary colleagues to be able to assist (Level 5) or lead (Level 6) the delivery of high quality primary school PE. These qualifications are proven, effective use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding and are designed to help teachers and primary school staff deliver high quality, sustainable PE. Primary school teachers, HLTAs, TAs and coaches embedded within schools will be able to undertake the qualifications. 

These courses are written by the Association for PE, accredited by Sports Leaders UK. Beyond the Physical is an approved delivery centre.

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SL/afPE Level 4 Qualification in Supporting Pupils' Well-being through Physical Education

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) and SLQ Sports Leaders (SLQ) strongly believe that those teaching physical education are key to supporting the emotional wellbeing of our pupils through the curriculum. Its importance is a high priority; therefore we have developed a qualification that will increase the knowledge and understanding of the workforce at such a critical time.

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We have two more courses starting this year. All dates and details are available at the buttons below.

1st4Sport Level 3 in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport (PESS)

This Level 3 NVQ Diploma has been developed in partnership with the Association for Physical Education and is supported by employers and the industry. The qualification is designed to consolidate and expand upon prior learning in the area of supporting the delivery of physical education and school sport (PESS). The qualification will further develop your knowledge and skills in order to allow you to further support the delivery of PESS programmes. 100% of the learning that you will receive will support you in being able to do your job, or prepare you for doing a job, in support of the delivery of physical education and school sport.

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1st4Sport Level 2 Coaching Multi-skills Development in Sport

This qualification is designed to prepare learners for deployment as independent coaches of multi-skills and physical activity and will introduce learners to the principles of coaching fundamental movement skills and sport specific skills. The concluding assessment will evaluate the planning, delivery and review of a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions. The qualification is recognised as the industry standard Level 2 Multi-Skills coaching qualification.  

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Physically-active learning time in PE

This short online course is vital for teachers, trainees and coaches who want to deliver engaging, high-movement PE lessons which provide lots of opportunities for children to 'learn by doing.' 

We begin with an overview of what physically-active learning time (PALT) is and isn't, before looking at some of the research on movement in PE lessons, and providing Top 5 Tips to increase PALT in PE.  

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Holistic Child Development in PE 

The purpose of PE is more than just the development of movement skills or learning a range of sports.  This free, online course delves deeper into the subject to provide teachers, trainees and coaches with an important understanding of the meaning in PE. 

We look at how we might bring the Head Hands Heart model to life in our delivery of PE, aligning it to the National Curriculum.  

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